The wall

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    Look over the wall.
    What do you see?
A child fleeing war
    or a threat to our country?

    Women invading,
    setting down roots,
or daughters escaping
rape and abuse?

    Men whose attire
    would suit the dark ages
or sons whose desire
is fair work for fair wages?

    muggers and migrants?
    forces of evil?

Or refugees, emigres,
friends without homes?
One of us,
penniless people?


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A tiny chrome harpoon
stuck into your flabby thighs
will make sure you’re immune.

A shot,
a fix,
a liquid dose.
A needle in your arm.
It’s what the doctor diagnosed
to keep you safe from harm.

a quick injection,
just a little prick.
To help you fight infection:
vaccination does the trick.

Rich in Nimes

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Rich in Nimes

Her indoors

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Stripping wire, opening wine,
freeing small stones from a hoof.
      Scaling fish, filing their nails,
      picking their teeth clean at night.
Carrying, measuring,
sawing through wood.
(They carry not one but two knives);
      There isn’t much
      they can’t turn their hands to,
      these versatile Swiss Army wives.

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